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Apply for your eVisa to Vietnam in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Vietnam in 3 easy steps!


What is Vietnam e-visa?

E-visa is mainly the Electronic travel Authorization. This travel authorization will be given by the Vietnam Government. This Visa is issued in the PDF format. This is equivalent to a normal visa. But the best thing of this visa is no stamp on the passport. The Vietnam e-visa is the main requirement in order to make an entry to Vietnam for these reasons:

  • Business Travelling
  • Labour and employment
  • Investment
  • Official visit
  • Study
  • Journalism
  • Visiting friends or relatives
  • Official jobs
  • Non-governmental jobs
  • Cultural activity
  • Summit
  • Other works
The Vietnam visa is mainly a one-time entry visa. This e-visa is actually valid for 30 long days. So, you will have to do your job and work within these 30 days of limitation. The 30 days will start from the proposed date of the application. So, your countdown will begin from the application date. The candidates have to carry the copy of the e-visa at the time of staying in Vietnam. You will have to carry it all the time. You can save your time by completing the online process for the e-visa. This visa is simply applied online. This visa is linked to your passport number. The whole documentation will be preserved in the computer for future requirements. You do not need to go in order to get the stamp on passport before travel.

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The requirements of visa for Vietnam:

There are some important things that you should need in order to get the e-visa for Vietnam. These all are very necessary. So, you will have to collect these things at first. The Vietnam visa requirements are as follows:

You will have to require a passport with the validation period of six months.You will have to need an email id for support purposes.You will have to need the valid international credit and debit card for money transaction.You will have to need a photograph in readable and acceptable format for the passport data page. You will have to put a temporary address within Vietnam for this. You will have to keep in your mind the dates of your in and out from Vietnam. You will also have to check all the details of in and out points or airports.

You will have to follow these steps in order to make an application for e-visa. By following these steps, you can easily get the visa for Vietnam. These are:
You will have to open the official website for the e-visa for Vietnam in order to make your application in process.You will have to upload your .jpg image of your passport information page and passport photograph as well.You will have to fill up all needed information from your passport information page.You will also have to put all required information regarding your trip.After that, you will have to complete the payment option by using the mentioned payment methods.You will get the registration code after the payment step. You will have to save the code number for future reference. After applying for e-visa, you will have to wait for three working days in order to get the pdf format of your e-visa.

Benefits of accessing the electronic travel authorization:

There are so many benefits that you can enjoy of using the electronic travel authorization. These advantages are as follows:

You can complete the application form of all your required details of travelling online. You should not go to the embassy in order to complete the whole application process. If you are completing the online process for e-visa, then you should not pay the fees for stamp at the time of arrival at the airport. You can use the e-visa in order to make an entry to Vietnam through the help of 28 different ports. You can get the pdf format of e-visa within three consecutive working days after online application. With the help of e-visa, the traveller can easily skip the visa queue on arrival line of the airport and move straight to the border line.

The online application process is very simple. You can do it from anywhere. All you need just the device and the internet connection in order to fulfil the online process. You can check your online status as well. So, the online application process for e-visa makes your life easy and simple. The traveller does not need to go to the embassy for that.