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Apply for your visa to Canada in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Canada in 3 easy steps!


Learn more about eTA Canada

An eTA has been a basic entry requirement since 2016 for people planning to visit Canada. This document is electronically linked to one’s passport and it’s normally valid for a period of five years or until the expiration time of your passport. This document serves different purposes, either for business, tourism or transit for a period of six months.

This document confirms eligibility of a person to visit this land and it serves as a waiver document. The document actually serves an almost similar purpose as a visa but then, obtaining it is much much different from getting the visa many of us normally know. We can view it this way, obtaining a visa is much time consuming as compared to an Eta that usually takes minutes to have a response for the same.

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eTA Canada
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Who needs a Canadian eTA?

This document isn’t necessarily for all Canada visitors. It normally affects visitors that travel to this land using visa exempt nations like for instance Australia, some European nations and New Zealand that will be affected greatly by the new processing process for the same. For the nations that aren’t included in Canada’s visa waiver agreements, they will have their requirements unaffected by processing this document for their traveling plans to this land.

There are nations like the U.S. whose permanent residents or citizens are exempted from acquiring this document for them to travel to the nation. If in case you have a valid passport with a Canadian travel visa, you don’t require this document to visit Canada. For those who wish to have it, they can apply it using the passport of the exempted visa nation.

How to apply for a Canadian eTA

The process for applying this document is web-based, this means that everything right from filling your application, submitting your application all the way to receiving an authorization to visit the nation is direct and straight forward. People who are visa exempts are required to access the citizenship and immigration website for the nation to submit their details for the same. Once a particular application is approved by the relevant authorities, the applicant is immediately notified through the email that was indicated during the application process. Any visit to the nation requires an individual to have an approved eTA before boarding a plane to the nation. Anyone without such document will not at all be allowed step the nation at all or even to board even if the application processing for the same is still on.

Online eTA application is simple, you will actually spend like ten minutes to apply it. To apply for the document, you require to have a passport, your contact and travel details along with a debit or credit card to pay for the required fee that is normally charged for an application. There is no one exempted for this, all members to visit the country requires an approved eTA to step foot into that nation. Upon issuance, your eTA will be valid for up to a period of five years.

Someone can ask if the document is required if in case the traveler is just passing through Canada without necessarily stopping there. If you are a citizen from a nation that hasn’t been listed among the ones that can visit the nation, you will automatically require a transit visa to be allowed to pass through the nation. The document is necessary even if you are about to pass by for less than 48 hours, but then, you won’t be charged applying the same. All you are required is to fill your application form and there you will indicate that it’s a visa transit. For those who will enjoy visa exempt status and they seem to need an ETA to travel to this nation, they require an ETA to pass through the land.

United States citizens may not need either an ETA or a visa when traveling to this nation. Note that you will only be allowed to board any Canada based aircraft if and only if your eTA has been approved by the relevant authorities. This what will serve as a person who is legit to travel to this nation. Why do you have to hesitate? Make an application for you today.