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Apply for your eVisa to Cambodia in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Cambodia in 3 easy steps!


What is Cambodia E-visa

For you to travel to Cambodia you’re required to have a travel visa and a passport. In order for you to get the Cambodia E visa, you are only required to have colored photographs and a passport so that you can process the travel application. Cambodia E-visa in an electronic authorization document which is issued by the government of Cambodia in PDF format. This e-visa is statutory required which any visitors need so as to travel to Cambodia and within mainly for touristic functions.

The normal Cambodia business and tourist visas require any visitor to line up at the embassy or get a travel visa once he/she arrives at the airport. However, when Cambodia visa was introduced it has enabled people to do the entire process online and their visas processed within 24 hours.

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eVisa Cambodia
evisa Cambodia

visa to Cambodia

evisa to Cambodia

Cambodia e-visa requirements

  • The Cambodia e visa is mainly meant for travelers who may wish to visit Cambodia for short-lived medical treatment, sightseeing, recreation visiting family and friends.
  • Any national from any country can apply for this visa it’s only a few countries which are limited.
  • You can only use this visa once when you enter Cambodia and in case you wish to visit Cambodia for the second time then you can to process another e-visa.
  • This visa is valid for 3 months from the day of issue.
  • As a visitor, you’re required to stay a maximum of 30 days from the time that you enter Cambodia.
  • The passport of the applicant must be at least 6 months valid before it expires once you arrive in Cambodia.
  • The passport must have at least 2 blank pages where the immigration will sign once you arrive in Cambodia.
  • As an applicant, you must have a return ticket so that you do not exceed your stay in Cambodia for more than 30 days.
  • How you can apply for Cambodia e-visa
  • In case you wish to apply for the Cambodia e-visa just visit the official website of Cambodia e-visa. Fill-up an online application form according to the instructions given out. Make sure you upload all the documents which are required.
  • You can also apply this e-visa by downloading a Cambodia e-visa app using your Android phone or Apple iPhone.
  • Before you submit your application it’s good that you check all the information which have provided to ensure that it’s correct. You must also read the terms and conditions before you sign the agreement.
  • When you accept these terms it means that you agree that the information that you have filled is correct.
  • Once you’re through with filling your details you’re supposed to pay application of 89 EUR immediately so that you can allow your visa to be processed. ( this includes the immigration service charges).
  • You can pay the application fees through these payment schemes; Discover, American Express card, Visa credit card, and Master card. Once your payment has been completed you’ll receive a notification message through your email. The visa approval takes at least 3 days when you have some issues, but normally if you fill all your details correctly as required you can get your visa through email within one business working day. As your application is being processed it’s possible for you to check the status of your application online and change some details if you made an error. As you wait for your visa to be processed it’s good that you read carefully the Cambodia tourist visa expectations and provisions so that you can avoid having any issues with the legal bodies.

Advantages of Cambodia e-visa

1. You are not required to visit the embassy physically, as you can apply for this visa at any place that you are so long you have access to the internet. Through this, you can avoid long queues at the airport. In addition, this process is well-planned, fast and safe, therefore you can receive your visa before you enter Cambodia.

2. You can apply the e-visa even some days before you travel. In case you are not sure about how you can apply and get your visa you can contact the customer support center for assistance. They use a platform which is efficient and does not require you to have so many visa requirements so that your e-visa Cambodia can be processed.