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Apply for your visa to Sri Lanka in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Sri Lanka in 3 easy steps!


What is eVisa to Sri Lanka

Electronic Travel Authorization to Sri Lanka


The foreign citizens must have a Sri Lanka Visa before they travel. The Visa application should be filled online means before traveling in order to allow the applicants to acquire the Electronic Travel Authorization through email.

The eligible foreigners planning to visit the country for a short period should apply for Sri Lanka ETA online means. Electronic Travel Authorization can be compared to the ESTA' system of the United States. It was launched in the year 2012' to help expedite' the process of acquiring a visa to Sri Lanka.

This Visa remains valid for at least 30' days if intending to travel for business or tourism or at least 2 days for the purposes of transit. Once you land in the country, before the expiry of ETA', the traveler can renew the validity of Visa for additional of utmost 6 months. The travelers visiting Sri Lanka for a short period, originating from countries which are not eligible for ETA' are expected to make an application at the Sri Lankan' Embassy or the Consulate before embarking on the trip. This, is, therefore, Sri Lanka' Business Visa, Sri Lanka' tourist Visa or any other type of Visa depending on the purpose and duration of your travel.

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eVisa Sri Lanka
visa Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Visa Requirements

The following are some of the requirements that should be fulfilled in order to obtain Sri Lanka Visa.

  • One must be a citizen of any given country that is entitled to secure an ETA to Sri Lanka.
  • The passport needs to be valid for a period of not less than 6 months.
  • You should apply for the Sri Lanka ETA’ by use of your passport. This should be carried with you as you travel to Sri Lanka reason being the Visa might be assigned to your passport' number.

Once all the necessary information are provided for the Electronic Travel Authorization visa.

There is a website which is designed for individuals who have no time to complete the process of applying to Sri Lanka’ and they want to obtain an ETA' within a short time. The aim of Sri Lanka Travel authorization is to provide the travelers with efficient processing of the application of Sri Lanka ETA and be able to acquire within a period of 72 hours. This is aimed at making sure less time is spent on processing.

Benefits of Using Electronic Travel Authorization

The implementation of the Electronic Travel Authorization has played a great role in making it easy for individuals to travel especially to Sri Lanka. Their benefits are not only tied to the government agencies but also, they are highly advantageous to the travelers. The following are the benefits of using Electronic Travel Authorization.

-Saves Time

With the much improved and the streamlined border crossing, travelers moving to Sri Lanka for business or Tourism have all the reasons to move. They are able to pass immigration control very easily and faster. The border officers will be able to save significant time since they will be having an already pre-screened' travelers.

-Improved Safety

Since the Electronic Travel authorization contains the security databases, for example, the Interpol, SIS, EUROPOL, etc, it greatly helps towards the fight on terrorism and criminal activities. This is made possible since it will be very easy to nab the criminals through the use of the card.

-Helps to Curb Illegal Migration

You realize one may not be able to travel to Sri Lanka without the Electronic Travel Authorization. This, therefore, makes it highly difficult to travel to Sri Lanka because it is a requirement.

-High Effective At Border Management

A well-updated border system which coordinates with main systems around’ the world. This enables the border officials to easily manage the movement and allow them to focus on the issues of security.


The electronic Travel authorization has greatly helped in improving the security in Sri Lanka and at the same time encouraging tourism. During the application for the ETA, you don't necessarily need to present yourself or give a travel document in order to obtain a visa sticker. The reason is that application is done online hence making it more convenient for anyone considering traveling to Sri Lanka.