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Apply for your eVisa to Egypt in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Egypt in 3 easy steps!


What is an E-Visa to Egypt? Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

An E-Visa is a new way of utilizing an electronic travel authorization that can be used at the entry point intended. In this case, an e-visa to Egypt has necessary requirements, but for the moment we will discuss further what an e-visa truly inhabits. This visa is considered an alternative to a physical copy visa/passport. An individual can wait up to a whole 7 business days before leaving for Egypt to send in their application. At this point, they will have their e-visa information processed and an email will be sent containing the electronic visa. This type of new visa was created to make entry points quicker and more efficient. E-visas have even provided a more satisfactory solution than to buying a visa once arriving in Egypt. If there is any trouble or as a personal preference, a government official can find your e-visa filed and promote entry to Egypt. From time to time, electronics can stop working momentarily so, this advantage is a great backup. Do not confuse an e-visa with a physical visa, they are separate. Some countries require a physical visa copy. If you show up to an entry port with an e-visa when a physical one is required, you will be denied entry. Be sure to follow the correct instructions through the Egypt government e-visa portal website.

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Egypt Visa Requirements

First off, an individual must have a credit or debit card under their own name. This is the only form of payment available for an e-visa. Secondly, be sure to print out the e-visa itself. Do not simply bring the e-visa document up on your phone. This is not following the proper requirements. The official Egyptian Government website has an extended list of countries that can enter with an e-visa. Be sure to check this list before applying otherwise, upon arrival you will have the wrong type of visa and be denied entry. One must have required a letter (identifying what the visit may entail) pertaining to business, family, or of a similar nature. If not, be sure to print out the tourist information/locations you’ll be attending. So, your itinerary for the entire stay should be amongst your belonging before entry. The itinerary should also state what hotel or lodging you will be staying. Lastly, or what should be the number one step, make sure your passport is relevant and up-to-date. If there are less than 6 months left on your passport from the date you intend to visit, you will be turned away. The best course of action is to update your passport immediately before booking.

The Benefits of Using Electronic Travel Authorization

The obvious benefit is saving time and energy with an e-visa. Upon arrival, an individual will have everything they need in the palm of their hand. A huge benefit is the fast turnaround time of only 7 business days prior to your departure. Considering it can take up to a month – 6 months to receive a passport by mail. Using electronic travel authorization is one of the best quick and simplest ways to get from point A to point B. Or in this case, from port entry to port entry. More countries are switching to this style because it provides fewer lines and less hassle at the intended entry points. Also, in the case that you may have lost your physical visa, an e-visa is easier to keep track of. If you have lost your e-visa printout, all you have to do is ask a government official upon entry to pull up your e-visa information. No more cause for alarm or concern, this is a highly effective way to process country-border entry status. Even better, an e-visa is perfect for any traveling for business. Typically, a businessman or woman will stay only for a few days to a week.