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Apply for your eVisa to Oman in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Oman in 3 easy steps!


What is Oman evisa ?

Oman E visa is an electronic travel document which is completely applied online and offered for any foreign visitors who wish to visit Oman at any time that they wish.

Are you planning to travel to Oman?

Will you be on transit to other neighboring countries? As a tourist or visitor, traveling to Oman, you are required to obtain a visa before traveling, except if you are coming from the visa-exempt nations.

Oman is a country on the Arabian Peninsula with a terrain that is characterized by desert, riverbed oases, and stretched coastlines. Oman doesn’t stop at that. It is now boasting of being the “first” and “biggest” in a region, bent on showboating. More to this, the country welcomes you to a rich heritage and an embracing society. The strong sense of identity, delight in ancient history, and frankincense-trading memories and assurance in an educated future are just the tip of the iceberg.

If you are a lucky globetrotter from the Gulf Cooperation Council, you are allowed to travel to Oman without having a visa or adhering to visa limits. Besides, citizens of the other 71 countries and territories are required to apply for visas. They can now do it online in the comfort of their homes. This is valid for a maximum of 30 days. This is what is referred to as eVisa that is already taking shape in Oman. Moreover, if you are a visitor in Oman, you must have a passport that is valid for six months.

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Oman e-visa

Oman eVisa - how does it work ?

An eVisa to Oman is a visa that is generated or processed online or via a specially designed website. eVisas require you to upload your necessary travel and identification documents as well as paying a set amount of processing fees via the internet. Like in the case of Oman eVisa, a receipt will be generated that acknowledges the receipt of your application process as well as your documents. This is typically sent to you via email if the process is approved. In many cases, you are required to get a print out of the email and travel with it through your journey, just in case you need to prove that you have processed the eVisa.

The Sultanate of Oman launched the eVisa or electronic visa on 21st March 2018, allowing express, tourist, and business visa applications to be processed via the internet. In this case, starting 21st March 2018 stopped, the issuing of express or tourist visas by the law enforcement officers (Oman police) stopped. Before this time, the law enforcement officers used to issue visas at border patrol points and airports.

eVisa to Oman - Application form

Oman e-visa
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e-visa to Oman

The requirements for Oman evisa


Before you apply for the Oman E-visa you must check if you qualify for it by contacting the embassy of using the iVisa visa checker. All you need to do is to select your nationality and then choose Oman as your country of visit. Passport- All people who wish to apply for the Oman e visa must have valid passports whose validity must be at least 6 months from the time they enter Oman. If you fail to comply with this then your application can be declined. In addition, when you apply for your visa online you will be prompted to scan your passport before you upload it, therefore the migration officers will know if you have a valid passport.

What are the Requirements for Oman eVisa?

You must ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements for receiving an electronic visa, which you will apply online.

As mentioned above another thing that you must consider is your passport. Every applicant must have a valid passport that remains as such for a minimum of 6 months from the time you arrive in Oman. If you don’t comply with this requirement, your application will be denied. You will need to scan your passport while applying online so that you can upload it during the application process.

You also need to have a digital photograph of yourself. The eVisa application process requires you to have a passport photo size that fits perfectly in a white background. You must not have a cap (only if your religion requires you to have one). You should also not wear glasses. The photo should be taken in the last six months. All these are aimed at making perfect identification.

The following is a simplified version of the requirements:

  • Any supporting documents (if applicable)
  • Last page of passport (if applicable)
  • Passport size photo
  • Birth certificate for minors (if applicable)
  • Scanned passport personal
  • Passport Personal Details Scan (Strictly)

You must follow the above list to ensure that your application process is successfully approved.

The eVisa application involves only three easy steps:

The eVisa application involves only three easy steps:

  1. Fill your general information (personal details).
  2. You will be requested to check step 1.
  3. Payment processing.

You don’t need to worry in case you experience any difficulties submitting your eVisa application form. The eVisa website has incredible customer support services that are at your beak and call anytime.

Exceptional requirement

The Oman E visa is not many and you can meet them within the shorted time possible and be allowed to visit this beautiful country. Just ensure you have all the documents and you meet the requirements stated above before you start your application. For you to apply for the Oman e visa you must visit the official Oman online visa website. This website is self-explanatory therefore you can easily access the application form. Once you access it you’ve to fill it as per the requirements. Ensure you counter check all the information which you provide. You must also read the terms and agreements are written at the bottom of the application form before you pay and submit your application. For your e visa to be processed you must pay an application which will be indicated in the form. You have to wait for about 1 day for your visa to be processed.

Advantages of getting Oman evisa

  • Can be applied from anywhere – Who fancies the long queues these days? No one. You can put together all your documents and submit your application in the comfort of your living room. The advanced technology used for visa processing is finely-cut, making everything super-efficient. Travelers are always on the move, with their smartphones that can process eVisa application processes with just a few clicks.
  • Process your visa before traveling – This is one of the most significant benefits for busy and discerning travelers. Before, one had to travel to the Sultanate of Oman and process a visa at the airport, which was complicated and lengthy. But now, it is simply by a click of a button, and you are done. Travel in style, with nothing to worry about.
  • Security - security is one of the things that the immigration officers have given priority. The officers do the understand the nuisance of sending your passport to another stranger but with the Oman e visa, you will be assured of your security in every step that you take. They double check the information that you will online with the information at your passport.
  • Assurance - it’s possible for you to check the status of your e-visa at any time that you wish. This way you be assured that your application is being processed.
  • Receive visa within 24 hours – If you are in a rush, you can apply for the super rush eVisa application, at an extra cost, that allows you to receive your visa right within 24 hours. It has never been this fast. Nothing will stand in your way if you are getting late for your life-changing meeting or medical appointment. You have no reason to miss your flight this time around. No need to reschedule your flight altogether.
  • eVisa saves time – There is literally no need to travel to airports or border points to process a visa. You can apply online anytime you feel comfortable and have spare time to plan yourself ahead of the journey. Again, it takes just under 5 minutes or so to get it done.
  • 24-hour customer support - In case you have any questions when it comes to applying for the Oman e visa there is customer support which is always ready to support you in all ways. All you have to do is to choose the means of communication which you think is the best for you, that is e-mail, chat or telephone.
  • Payment is made online easily – The whole process is simple. You can pay by using your credit card or PayPal. Nothing will stop you from getting this done. It is super easy, and just a few steps.
  • Generates correct data – The eVisa technology is making it easier for Oman to create accurate and reliable statistics of the number of visitors and tourists in and out of the country at a given time. This is going towards boosting the tourism sector and making the air transport industry streamlined.
Have you tried out the Oman eVisa yet? What are you waiting for? Sign up today and enjoy the feeling of traveling to Oman hassle-free.