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Apply for your eVisa to Myanmar in 3 easy steps!

Apply for your visa to Myanmar in 3 easy steps!


What is Visa to Myanmar (Electronic Visa)

Electronic Travel Authorization to Myanmar A Myanmar e visa is the electronic version of a traditional visa, a virtual travel approval that authorizes you to enter Myanmar. Most people require a visa to enter Myanmar. And if you want to submit a traditional visa application, you need to visit either a travel agency or an embassy and they will afford you the forms you have to fill out in order to acquire the physical booklet that will act as your visa. An electronic visa to Myanmar is different. For one thing, you apply for it online. You have to visit a particular website or application from where you will be asked to enter your personal details.

The Myanmar Visa Online system will communicate with the department of immigration to authenticate your information. This process sounds complicated but you can trust the online platform to guide you. Additionally, you must attach a number of essential documents. But, fortunately, it doesn’t take long to process a Myanmar electronic visa. And if your application is approved, the government will link your new e visa to your passport. You will also receive a copy in your email that you can print out and present at the immigration office if complications ever arise during your travels. Electronic visas don’t take long to prepare. But they also have limited expiration dates. They are only valid for ninety days. They also only permit visitors to stay in Myanmar for no more than 28 days after they first arrive. So you must take these restrictions into account before applying for an electronic visa. Get your schedule in order, make sure you understand the type of visa you require and then contact your service provider if you need help making sense of the application process. Once they begin processing your electronic visa, you have to wait until they finish before you can enact any changes.

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Myanmar Visa Requirements

The requirements for acquiring an e visa Myanmar don’t differ that drastically from those associated with an ordinary visa. For instance, you need a passport that will be valid for a minimum of six months. Each electronic visa is only valid for one entry. People with e-visas can only stay in accommodations (Hotels, Motels, etc.) that the government has licensed and authorized. Anyone who chooses to travel and stay with friends, family, and other loved ones while in Myanmar must inform the government ahead of time. There is also a certain amount of money that you are expected to bring into the country. For most cases, the average tourist must have at least three hundred dollars. That figure jumps to six hundred for individuals with companions. Most fascinating are the two photographs the immigration office demands, not to mention a return ticket and a copy of one’s passport. The country is quite strict when it comes to electronic visa applications. They are also not afraid to punish people who stay in Myanmar for longer periods than the electronic visa permits.

Benefits of Using Electronic Travel Authorization

Myanmar electronic visas are easy to apply for. So if you live in a remote location and you simply can’t find the time to visit an embassy or a travel agency, you can still apply for a visa if you have a computer or a phone. The process is that convenient. There is no need to stand in a line or argue with government personnel. And the actual application process takes mere minutes, especially if you know what you’re doing. If that wasn’t enough, e visas take mere days to process. You can get one within 72-hours. The traditional Myanmar visa, on the other hand, can take up to eight days. So if you need to travel on short notice and you’ve already booked a flight that you cannot afford to miss, 72 hours is all you need to get your visa ready. And the application process isn’t picky. Anyone can apply, so long as you can upload the relevant documents. It is worth mentioning that there are approximately 112 countries whose residents require a visa to visit Myanmar. So if you happen to fall within that circle, there is no easier way to get a visa for travel to Myanmar. In fact, the government of Myanmar went out of its way to simplify the application process for an electronic visa just so it could attract as many visitors as possible.